Our Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong’s iconic song is still relevant. But for how long?

"CLIMATE CHANGE is today the biggest challenge to humanity. It has reached a level of no return. Millions of lives are at stake during the next few years. The most vulnerable societies will be hardest hit. The world’s poorest with no responsibility for pollution of Green House Gases, are forced to pay the highest price.

Dark forces of the fossile industry are propelling our wonderful world towards irreversable climate change.

Present policies are not enough to avoid a global catastrophe. In spite of decission at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015, aiming at curbing global warming to 1.5 degrees °C, average world temperature in 2016 reached 1.1 degree °C. The highest recorded by the World Meteorological Organization and 2017 is expected to be even hotter. It is fast reaching 1.5 degrees °C, long before end of this century as targeted, and even exceeding 2 degrees °C, the feared tipping point of no return.

In spite of alarming estimates, GOOD NEWS is that CO2 emisisons are gradually reduced due to competitive advantages from renewable energy, especially with new cost effective solar technology and ocean wind mills. The curse of fossile fuel is slowly fading, unfortunately not fast enough. Much more needs to be done in providing immediate effect.

Another alarming trend is that CO2 pollution in the atmosphere continue to accumulate from emissions, reaching 400 particles per million in 2015. This is another feared tipping point to keep temperature increase below 2 degrees °C. Immediate action is also needed on this escalating problem.

Here are the real GOOD NEWS: There is no need to wait for expensive, complicated mitigation and risky CO2 storage technology to be invented. Nature can take care of itself. The solution is simple; substantially protecting the world’s forests and restore lost ones. Trees are our most loyal partners in the climate battle, mitigating millions of tons of CO2 in a proven method during millions of years. Instead, millions of Ha are destroyed every year. Man made forest fires for short time profit is at the level of 50% of yearly human emissions, with serious loss of nature’s own mitigating capacity. This destructive process is fuelled by greed, corruption and neglect. It has to be immediatety stopped to avoid irrepairable damages affecting us all.

Tree planting is the most workable solution wirh immediate practical results. And by planting mangrove trees, mitigation effect will be up to 5 times more CO2 than terrestrial trees, with climate gases permanently stored in the ground. In addtion, mangroves protect lives and properties from cyclones and other extreme weather, increase seafood resources with up to 50%, and build up the soil to reduce erosion of shorelines due to sea level rise, including sveral other life bearig eco system services. Mangroves are destroyed 3 times faster than rainforests. Plenty of land waiting for restoration.

WIF has since 2012 implemented a successful 3 year research project on mangrove restoration in cooperation with Pathein University, Myeik University, and Myanmar Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, followed by implementing a comprehensive restoration project on 1,000 hectares of destroyed forest area by planting 3.5 million mangrove trees. WIF is now ready to go to scale by planting 100 million trees, subsequently reaching 1 billion trees. This will contribute substantilly to urgently needed climate solutions.

In taking immediate action, there is still hope before time is running out.

The natural lifeline of our wonderful world does not need to be in serious trouble. Everyone concerned are invited to join our efforts in support of nature’s own repairing capacity. Especially since the political process is too slow to provide timely solutions, people have to take action in their own hands, in the best interest of protecting our wonderful world.

There is no need to despair. Together we can secure our future!

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Dr. Arne Fjørtoft
Worldview International Foundation,
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