"GLOBAL WARMING is today the biggest challenge to humanity. It has reached a level of no return. Millions of lives are at stake during the next few years. Worst scenarios are unfolding if the world’s nations are not able to cooperate in taking effective action. The most vulnerable societies will be hardest hit. The world’s poorest who have no responsibility for pollution of Green House Gases, are forced to pay the highest price.

There is still time to reduce the increase in atmospheric pollution if businesses and individuals on their own respond effectively. There is no need to wait for politicians alone to solve the crisis. Everyone can contribute, especially with green social responsible businesses, and to limit individual pollution by aiming at zero carbon footprints. This is a challenge to everyone caring for our wonderful world, beautifully expressed by Louis Armstrong.

WORLDVIEW invites you as a partner to a double challenge. A small contribution to our cost effective projects can make you carbon neutral and at the same time empower poor communities to improve their livelihoods. The aim of our new project is mitigation of atmospheric pollution by restoring mangrove forests in coastal areas. Mangrove has a high capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. 4 plants may capture over 3 tons during 20 years growth (equivalent to one year emission by an individual in Europe). By aiming at millions of trees, projects like this will make a big difference, in addition to help supportive partners to become zero carbon neutral. Restoration of mangrove forests increase production of sea food and protects lives from devastating tsunamis, cyclones and other weather based disasters expected to increase by global warming. It is a wonderful gift from nature, ready for restoration.

WORLDVIEW's new initiatives started in Myanmar in 2012 as a research project for restoring large losses of mangrove forests in the country, with additional activities to create livelihood opportunities in coastal areas by

  • Mangrove4Life - Empowering communities to establish mangrove nurseries and community forests, including supporting Myeik University in establishing a large mangrove park in areas destroyed by prawn farming and charcoal production,
  • Nypa4Life - Tapping of nypa mangrove palm sap as natural sweetener to create livelihood as alternative to mangrove destruction,
  • Orchids4Life - Rescuing endangered wild orchids by tissue culture propagation for placement in mangrove forests as an alternative livelihood,
  • Lights4Life - Solar lamps on community credit in areas with no electricity, for disadvantaged in mangrove areas to benefit from free and clean energy from the sun,

(Go to PROJECTS page to see videos of above projects)

We depend on your support for these new initiatives, as traditional donors are very slow to respond to new challenges. Please see Partnership Page. We are thankful to Letten Foundation for generous support to our research project in Myanmar, in cooperation with Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry and three national universities, including students on research grants.

WORLDVIEW has for the last 34 years, since the dawn of the communication revolution, been committed to bridging the gap between North and South in effective use of communication for sustainable development. Our pioneering spirit is stronger than ever, and we will mobilize all our communication experience and capacity to focus on 'Adaptation to Climate Change' as the biggest challenge for our global village.

WORLDVIEW has got requests from several countries to engage in similar projects. The need is large. We are committed to undertake more projects. We welcome your support in responding effectively to the biggest challenge in human history."

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Dr. Arne Fjørtoft
Worldview International Foundation,
In consultative status with ECOSOC of the United Nations

CO2 levels breach Danger Zone

The latest scientific report on global warming (NYT/AFP) states that the most heat trapping gas in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, has by 2013 passed a long feared milestone of more than 400 parts per million. The level has not been this high for the last 3 million years, at a time when the world’s ice caps were smaller and sea level higher. The report warns that the climate is beginning to react, with larger changes in the future. Experts fear that humanity may be precipitating return to prehistoric conditions – except that this time billions of people are in harms way.